Saturday, August 27, 2011

WHORESHACK - Whoreshack 2 , But Not Too Whoreshack

This is the second recording from the instrumental trio. Although on this round ,from tracks 5 onwards , has special guest guitarist ,Steve Reed ! Kinda like the Ventures , if they were raised on punk and metal music. The only vocals here are imitations of Arnold Horshack , plus 3 covers of , Flipper , The Stooges , and Fear ! And a bunch of idle chit-chat at the last track. And an acapella rendering of the theme song from the Welcome Back Kotter TV show. Recorded live at the Bakery , 3/16/1993. The next post of this band ,will be their first album ,since we worked backwards in succesion. Then after that ,there will be a special posting of their appearance at the coffee house ,with Big Bong Theory ,and Conveyor.

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