Thursday, March 8, 2012


John recorded this noise piece using girls in a Camwhore chat room ,and layering a wall of shitnoise on top of them ,like a cruddy ,smelly ,crusty ,life-smothering blanket of death. John has really grown ,since I gave him exposure to the world last year! It's just neat how I posted him (from North Carolina),the guys in Seattle ,(Skindust ,Rocky Dennis Picture Show,The Swaggs,Teenage Mustache) ,and Dylan Houser (Lakeland ,FL ,home of Hell Garbage and the rest of his projects) ,and Ice Cream Sandwich Shit Head(MA) , and then they all ended up meeting thru my blog ,and began doing split releases with each other ,and all that junk! It's a small shitcore world ,we live in! Spaceship Andy of Skindust ,did the front cover art for this.

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mrpoopy said...

Yeah, you be shut down an shit, nigga. So they don't like the pictures you use for some of your cover art? They obviously aren't looking very closely and are just being reactionary. Or dicks. That's the risk of using a free service. Megaupload worked for me, as I paid them and they stayed out of my business. I much prefer to pay, as it gives me a leg to stand on when they start bitching.