Wednesday, March 21, 2012

ONE FELL SWOOP - Live! at the Corkscrew Ranch ,Ft. Myers ,Florida ,3/21/1992

This is the second to last show by these guys (the next day was our final gig at Serena's ,a rock/metal club in Cape Coral ,but more on that later!) We were first to play in a line-up of over 10 bands ,our first time with a bass player ,Vance Burdge ,helping us out. The music sounds top-notch ,but we were out doors ,and the P.A. system was not loud enough to catch most of the vocals.Pictured above is beautiful, royal palm-lined McGregor Blvd. ,a side-road off of which led to the ranch.A very receptive crowd of everyone in the scene was in attendance ,and it was one of our finest moments. As previously mentioned ,the next day was our last show at Serena's ,and we had a flyer which stated it was a benefit for some dead girl ,who was not actually dead ,at the time ,and her parents were awfully pissed off ,when they learned of our advertisement.There were hair-bands and metal-heads galore ,we were the only alt-rock college music band playing ,and they sent us off to the upstairs stage ,while they ruled the main stage on the lower floor. Since we had drawn a crowd upstairs ,these fucking heshers followed us up ,as to eject us from the stage.A classic line was thrown at me and Chipmonk by one of them ,"Hey ,did you teach him to play guitar ,or did he teach you?" My reply was ,"We taught each other!" They did not like that,to say the least. Sadly the gig was not recorded,so this Corkscrew Ranch gig ,is our final recorded legacy. There is still one missing studio track ,with the core trio ,and Eric "Trig" Triglet ,on vocals (produced by Vance at his Kitty Grind Studios ,in the Cape). When I locate that ,I will surely post it ,as well as some remixes from various live offerings. Enjoy it ,and wish yourself back to the salad days of the FTM. Recorded 20 years ago,today!!!!!


Anonymous said...

How's GOOGY?
Looks like PHOKSTE to us.
And to SUMMER!
And to CHER!
(Not to be confused with MISHARE or ASOCHER or ASETOR - ELSA.)
Virginia...they got a REMY who ditched CHENES!
Not to be confused with CHENANT - PANNS!

Spanky's Penpal said...

This blog is awesome. Looking forward to seeing some of the old Wheelchair stuff re-upped on Azrowear. Cheers!

G O D said...

Thanks ,Spanky's Penpal! search "sluggisha" at for a bunch of comps ,incl. plenty of the wcfoom stuff!