Saturday, June 30, 2012

WGOD G O Dcast/podcast JUne 29th 2012 ALL New!!!!!

Another all new Sluggisha Tapes episode of WGOD underground radio!!Broadcast June 29th 2012!Live in studio guests YOBEL WEENEL ,do a new live number for us!!
Here's the playlist!!:
TOUGHSKINS - Pushead Ain't Oi! (from split on wcfoom with Zitsquatch)
ZITSQUATCH - I Want My Booger Back(from Toughskins split 7")
BREATHILIZOR - Scrabble Game Of Doom (For The Illiterate Pain Of Medusa's Love a/k/a Evil GrotokhanVI
BREATHILIZOR - Red Of Rum (from split 7" w/ BRODY'S MILITIA)
BREATHILIZOR - Softball League Of Satan (From 12" split w/ DOKTOR BITCH)
BRODY'S MILITIA - No Desire To Continue Listening (From Breathilizor split 7")
DOKTOR BITCH - Super Fast Night Dump (from Breathilizor 12" split lp)
LETTUCE VULTURES - Your Unbuttoned Shirt(from 7" split with XBrainiaX)
XBRAINIAX - Recluse Blues (from 7" split with LETTUCE VULTURES)
CHACHI ON ACID - I Wanna Be An Alcoholic(You Are Sympathetic To The Problems Of Others 7")
CHACHI ON ACID - Coffee Is Good Food!(You Are Sympathetic To The Problems Of Others 7)
CHACHI ON ACID - Dumb Drunk 32 (Your Nature Is Intense,Magnetic,and Passionate 7")
HUMAN HEADACHE - Poop Sad (from split w/ CRAPCAN)
THE CHRIS PARFITTS - Chickentown Policeman's Ball (unreleased demo)
STRAWBERRY SHORTCOCK - Fuckin' The Dog (GG Allin cover from s/t debut album)
ELDERLY YOUTH - Stop The Madness (from the debut album "Forming")
I CAN'T SEE SHIT ,HAROLD - Mark Zuckaberg is A Kidtoucher(from the "Children Of Sluggisha -4 way split on YIP Records)
LEONARD TALKS TO HIS RIFLE - On The End Of The Bridge (from the "Children Of Sluggisha -4 way split on YIP Records)
HELL GARBAGE -58 TITLED SONGS (excerpt from from the "Children Of Sluggisha -4 way split on YIP Records)
TEXTING GIRL - The New National anthem(from the "Children Of Sluggisha -4 way split on YIP Records)
YOBEL WEENEL - Live at WGOD studios,all new improv song!!(exclusive to Sluggisha Tapes)
THE CHRIS PARFITTS - Closing Time Theme Song (remix mash-up with the unfinished song,"Lou Reed In The Lincoln Tunnel")
FESTER FACEPLANT - Adam Yauch is dead ( who will save Tibet)
LOVEBRRD - Surf Nazis
ALTO JEFFRO - Broken Man
ABORTED STILLBORN - Together we Decay
ANDY MILONAKIS - Runnin' From The Cops
CRITTER TV - Intensified Chaos live at Berkeley 1980-Chris(of Intensified Chaos) sent in this unreleased live set,hear the title track now!!
FAT MESS - GaryGlitter BabySitter
PARASITIC TWIN - No More Waiting (Creepy Remix)


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