Sunday, June 10, 2012


Hey a new WGOD podcast for all my fans.There is new ,as-of-yet unreleased stuff , + rare ,demo ,and otherwise ,both old and new ,from the SLUGGISHA blog.Thanks to all who have been downloading the new episodes ,and I need more time to get everything re-posted on this here blog! I been busy as hell at work ,and barely had time to scrape this new G O Dcast together!Here's the list ,enjoy it friends!!
ELDERLY YOUTH - A Sorry State (from the soon to be released "Forming" disc on
CRAPCAN - Bowl Of Cereal ( part of an as-of-yet-to-be-compiled split ,with other bands)
ANALPAIN - Virginity Is Crushed (from the "Six Inches" e.p.)
BEAVERBAG - SSAACOP (from the "Building A Better Mouse Trap-A Tribute To Cat Machine" cassette)
Z.A.T.H. - Destroy All Music (Weirdos cover from "Zolar-X Ate The Hamburgers" disc WCFOOM)
Z.A.T.H. - Rip A Head Off A Mummy (from the "Zippers Attatched to Testicle Housing" disc WCFOOM)
TOUGHSKINS - Your Oi Oi Oil Spill Is Killing Our Oi Oi Oysters (from the "We Want Our Life Back-BP Oil Protest" disc)
JAKE JOYCE - Yellin'In My Ear (Operation Ivy cover from "St. Patty's Day ,Live At The Swamp III" disc Brown Bear Records)
SEVERED VEIN - With Wolves In The Snow (from the "St. Patty's Day,Live At The Swamp III disc Brown Bear Records)
KURT COBAIN - Wal-Mart Demo (from the "5-Way Schplit" disc)
FOOD FORTUNATA - Bowling All The Time (from one of Food's solo albums)
USELESS PILE - The Money Will Roll Right In (Fang cover from the "U.P.E.P. disc)
CAULIFLOWER ASS & BOB - Houndog With A Headcold (from the split with SMW Sludgesicle Records)
SEASONAL MEN'S WEAR - How To Make A Good Lunch(from the split with CA&B Sludgesicle Records)
GRADY HA HA - Pee Pee Gas (from the s/t debut disc)
KAAGOOTAABAA - Mayans Were Gay (from "The Sensitivity Sessions" 2 disc set)
ERIK & THE PSYCHOS - The Cheese In My Shoe (from "Hey,Buttmonkey!" disc)
DINE-IN CAKES - Poop & Muffin People (from the "Midwest as Fuck" e.p.)
CHEAP LITTLE TART - The Commandments Of Punk (from the s/t debut on retardriot re:cdrs)
BACONAISSE - Shitney Bruiseton (excerpt from the split with Ouaouaron)
BLOODPONIES - Hearse (from the "Baphomet" cassette)
CHRISTOPHER WALKEN ON SUNSHINE - Pretzel Bread Hot Pockets (from the "Rape"disc)
HELL GARBAGE - untitled (from "The Idiota Comp. 2" on
HININ BARAKU - (Spelling Check)(from "The Idiota Comp. 2" on
SALEM CURBING - Clock Box(from "The Idiota Comp. 2" on
ICE CREAM SANDWICH SHIT HEAD - When The World Finally Ends (from the "I Fucked My Guitar" disc)
JAMEGUMB - Hate Speech Therapist (from the "Pederasty" disc)
JESUS CHRIST & THE GANG BANG WHORES - Leave The Seat Up For Me (from the "Who Pays A Dead Whore" disc)
PIZZA - Outer-Space Cartoon Pizza (from the s/t debut disc)
MIRROR MOUTH - Cops Have Square Butts (from the "100 Bands-Popeil Punk/K-Tel Kore" comp)
THE PISS BANDITS - Chuck My Life Into The Sun (from the "100 Bands-Popeil Punk/K-Tel Kore" comp)
SOCKEYE - I Love Gum (from the "Beefing Ting Ting e.p."Sludgesicle Records)
THE GRATEFUL DEAD KENNEDYS - Poop In My Dentures (from the s/t debut disc retard riot re:cdrs)
TEENAGE MUSTACHE - The Myth Of Intelligent Design (from the "Dysnomia" disc)
CHIHUAHUA ZYCANTAH - Corpse Strewn Money (from the archives)
SUPERFLOATER - Chunks To Blow (from the s/t debut disc)
DISCHEERIOS - Bullshit (from the "Anarchy Means A Good Healthy Breakfast" disc WCFOOM)
PISS TWISTER - Smelly Bake Sale (from the split with Chopping Block on WCFOOM)
HITLER BUTTSECKS/CACTUS SMASHER - Ethan's Dick(It's Microscopic In Size) (from"the Ethan Album")
WE ARE THEY - Moon Over Mannequins (from the "Building A Better Mouse Trap-A Tribute To Cat Machine" cassette)
CAT MACHINE - Rapist With AIDS (from the "Suburban Carambola" cassette)


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