Saturday, July 21, 2012

W.G.O.D. July 20,2012 ,All New G O Dcast!!!!

Back with more new music you won't hear anywhere else!! A slew of unreleased(as of yet) tunes ,some recent demos from the internet(mostly newish hc/punk),mostly all stuff from Sluggisha and Wheelchair ,as per usual.Beefeater ,Schweppes tonic w/quinine ,and limes were my partners in crime on this episode. Here's the list ,enjoy and leave comments,dammit! Thanks to John Kaagootaabaa ,who posts all the WGOD's on his youtube page (shorttermwhat)

YOBEL WEENEL - Mustic Meercstun (unreleased from upcoming split with some lucky band!)
STRAWBERRY SHORTCOCK - No Values (Black Flag cover from the upcoming s/t release)
ELDERLY YOUTH - Apology Not Accepted (from the Retard Riot Recdrs/Sluggisha cd "Forming")
DIVIDED WE STAND - Ho-Bag (from the Sluggisha blog)
SEASONAL MEN'S WEAR - Ice Climbers/The House That We Built (single from bandcamp)
TEENAGE MUSTACHE - Midnight Radio (from "Magnetic Polyester Film" cd)
BLOODPONIES - Ambastardoro (from the bandcamp release "Snowblind")
THE BOSTON STRANGLER - Outcast (from the 2010 "Outcast Demo")
HORRORDACTYL - My Attempt To Kill A Fly (from the Lava Church/Sluggisha cassette "Bulding A Better Mousetrap-A Tribute To Cat Machine")
CAT MACHINE - My Attempt To Kill A Fly (from the cassette "Pathetic Jonesing")
ICE CREAM SANDWICH SHIT HEAD - 2012 (from the Wheelchair Full Of Sluggisha 7" single "Dumb Audio Dynamite-2012")
CHACHI ON ACID - Straight Edge Drinking Party (from the Sluggisha release ,"T-Shirt")
LEONARD TALKS TO HIS RIFLE - Sword Swallows Human (from the Yip Music release "Children Of Sluggisha")
TEXTING GIRL - Fun For Pants 1998 (from the Yip Music release "Children Of Sluggisha")
CREEM - Problems (from a demo cassette)
PAY THE COST - Never Give Up (from their 2011 demo)
NACHO KNEES - Backpack Full Of Porn/All Night Work Out (from the s/t Sluggisha release)
DOLLY PARDON - Garbage Pizza (unreleased track w/Vance Nail vocals ,SMW music)
THE UH... - Bat Shit Florida (from the "Young Egypt/The Uh.. -split cassette)
BREATHILIZOR - Stevie Nicks Of Goat Head Metal (from the split album w/Doktor Bitch)
FOOD FORTUNATA WITH S. WILLIAM WHITE - Sigmund The Sea Monster (from the s/t release)
IRON BOOTS - Chosen Few (from their demo tape)
BOY IN LOVE - Mr. Big Pants (live bootleg from Poopy's 40th Birthday show)
JAGUARZ - Around (from the "Jungle Jamz" demo tape)
LEAD PAINT ZEPPELIN - Do The Clap (from the bandcamp release "Award Winning Songs")
UNICORN HOLE - Did You Mean"Hurr Durr" I'm A Fucking Retard (from the split with Cheerleader Concubine)
LORD CHOCULA - Strale Av Lyn (from "Rauchunkraut Mit Teufel")
MILWAUKEE SEVEN - Mountain Song (Crucifucks cover from "Tape 1")
POOR WHITE TRASH - Backwoods Cannibal (from the "Brutal Truths" cassette)
THE BIBLE BEATERS - Jesus Invented Beer (from "He's Always Watching")
THE CHRIS PARFITTS - Destruction Blues (from their "Noir" release)
THE GRATEFUL DEAD KENNEDYS - Danzig (from "In Glob We Trust" Retard Riot Recdrs)
THE ROGUE NATIONS - Downtown Drunk On Rollerskates (from the 7" "Regi Mentle Rides Again")
WISTELING SAILSMEN - Theme From Boob & The Guy (from the s/t cassette)
Z.A.T.H. - A Fuck-Up (GG Allin cover ,bonus hidden track on the ZATH2 bandcamp digital release "ZATH - Zenith:All The Hits")
ONE FELL SWOOP - Bright Lights Blinding Me (from the cassette "We Dare You")

so ,another great show,if I don't say so myself ,I'm sure someone out there will be kind enough to!
Send in requests to the comment box ,for the next episode! Thanks everyone!!


mtlhardcore said...

Thank man, great stuff here.

I'm listening everyday, on the way to work.

More ZATH releases!

juan carlos said...

please could raise the sardonic disc - grind again took a long time looking for the disk and the link does not work thank you very much