Sunday, July 29, 2012


More new W.G.O.D. ,this episode is new and improved at about 2 hours and 15 minutes long ,it's packed full of "MUSIC YOU WILL HEAR NOWHERE ELSE"!!! goodness. Thanks to all my friends and followers ,for downloading the shows.Lotsa fine tracks on this here three-parter.No one ever suggests bands,or songs that they would like to hear ,or even dedications! You all can do so in the comments box ,below! Thanks ,and here is the play-by-play for this show!
BOY IN LOVE -Heavy Set/Stick Some Food In The Heavy Set/Heavy Set/The Heavy Set Eat First (from the cassettes : "Goddamnitsville" and "Rock N Roll:The Who Invented It ,We Perfected It" - on WCFOOM)
KILL THE HIPPIES - No Function/Destroy Everything (Sockeye cover) (from the WCFOOM cassette ,"You Have A Date With Kill The Hippies")
MEATY JOESON - I Like Hamburgers (from the WCFOOM cd "Volume One)
ROTTEN DUMMIES - Tall Nerd Dork Jerk (from the s/t cassette on SLUGGISHA)
THE PANICS - Kill It...Before It Multiplies (from the "Push The Button" LP)
BUTTTOOTH - Blood For You (GG Allin cover) (from the cd "Cheddar Cheese Steak" SLUGGISHA)
ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS - Slacker Generation (Owen cover) from "The Tom Ryerson Collection"cd)
AUGUST SPIES - Skinny Legs (from the SLUGGISHA cd ,"August Spies Sing The Anarchist Songbook")
CAT MACHINE - Yesterday's Bourbon On My Shoes (from the SLUGGISHA cassette ,"Tops In Our Field")
CHACHI ON ACID - Like "Changes" By David Bowie,But Different (from the upcoming LP on BHJ Records)
THE BLOOD RED OSCARS - My Sperm Is Chachi -(from the cd "Ketchup Hot Dog" SLUGGISHA)
FOSSIL FUEL - Crap Can - (from the WCFOOM cassette ,"Fuck Off")
CRAPCAN - Crapcan,Bloody,Crapcan (from the split cd with Human Headache SLUGGISHA)
TOUGHSKINS - Oi! Sasquatch (from the 7" split with Zitsquatch on WCFOOM)
STRAWBERRY SHORTCOCK - 96 Tears ( ? and the Mysterians cover) (from the soon-to-be-released s/t cd on SLUGGISHA)
ELDERLY YOUTH - Bath Salts By Nabisco (from the cd "Forming" on SLUGGISHA/RETARD RIOT RECDRS)
YOBEL WEENEL - Tiron Oobst (from an upcoming split with another band)
ZATH - Squealer (AC-DC cover)(from the digital album "Zenith : All The Hits" a collection of cover songs on Zath2 at bandcamp hidden bonus track included with download)
FOOD FORTUNATA - Crappy At Life (from the WCFOOM cd "Deliver Me From Intelligence")
BREATHILIZOR - Baby Of Witch (from the vinyl re-release of "For The Ultimate Pain Of Medusa's Love a/k/a Evil Grotokhan VI" on Saved From Life Records)
PILE OF EGGS - Let's Dig Up GG's Grave (from the "Egg Files" cd)
GEEBLER GEIN - The Geebler Gein Theme Song (from the "100 Bands :Popeil Punk/K-Tel Kore" compilation on SLUGGISHA)
JABBER JERKS - Beer Keg Mouth (from the "100 Bands :Popeil Punk/K-Tel Kore" compilation on SLUGGISHA)
GEFILTE FIST - Pain-Is (from youtube ,the "Pain-Is" ep)
GLEAMING THE CUBICLE - Steve Albini Fucked Pac Man (Sockeye cover) (from youtube)
DUNCE - IDGAF (from a youtube video)
TEENAGE MUSTACHE - Magazine,Magazine,Hit Them Turtles (Hell Garbage cover)(from the album "Axis : Bold As Lionel Ritchie")
ARCOLA/FORTUNATA - Concussions & Panties (from a youtube video)
DRUNKS WITH SWORDS - Picnic Story (from the cd "Torn Hymens & Smashed Assholes" Pyramid Of Puke /WCFOOM)
TOPPED WITH OUR OWN FLAVORFUL MEAT SAUCE - Wild Turkey 101 Is The Shit (from the s/t cd on arachnodirge)
NORDIC SNOW - Bassy Beginnings (debut on youtube)
ICE CREAM SANDWICH SHIT HEAD - Church Parking Fucker (youtube)
VINCE MOLE AND HIS CALCIUM ORCHESTRA - Droopy (from his ep "Spend The Future In 1994")
FESTER FACEPLANT - Skidmarks In Your Pantyhose (from Fester's souncloud page)
BUZZ WORKSHOP - Fear Is A Wild Horse (from the SLUGGISHA cd "4/21/96")
HALLUCINATION REPAIRMEN - We Scared Opie (from the cassette "2 and a half years of Incompetence"WCFOOM)
THE GRUNGY DUNGAREES - Stoned > Tired (from the SLUGGISHA cd "Working At The Black Label Brewery")
NIL8 - Basement Show (from the cd "Doug")
ONE FELL SWOOP - Special Olympics Bus (from the SLUGGISHA cassette ,"Tales Of Desperate Survivors On The Edge Of Reality")
FESTERING PUS - I Like Killing People (from the WCFOOM cassette "Wheelchair Industry Sampler")
FRED HOTH & BIG BED - Phil Donahue Smokes Crack (from the SLUGGISHA cd "Fish Rocks")
BARNACLE BEAK - Hamburger Bun Baseball (from "Songs For The Workin' Man" WCFOOM)
SOCKEYE - Jenny (Happy Flowers cover)(from "The Mantis Sessions" cassette WCFOOM)
THE 6TH STREET MUNTUS - Smells Like Frankenberry (from the SLUGGISHA cd "Middle Of Nowhere")
SHEEP SQUEEZE - Buddy Lembeck (from the split 7" with The Fumes)
DINGUS - Big Burlap Grandma (from "The Barn Migraine Mystic" cd WCFOOM)
THE POOPS - Beard Bazillion (from "Dumpster Of Fun" cd WCFOOM)

So there it is!! An extended /extra-long super new episode of your favorite podcast on W.G.O.D.!!!!


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kaagootaabaa said...

thank you G O D! drop some black forest rape on these hoez next time! or jackie earle haleys!!