Friday, December 21, 2012

ZATH - Zombie Angel's Tannenbaum Hymns -xmas 2012

Food Fortunata and G O D are back with their 3rd xmas cd! This is the funnest xmas release you will hear this year! Download now or email me for a hard copy.

ZATH Zombie Angel’s Tannenbaum Hymns
 Xmas 2012
 All music and vocals by Food Fortunata & G O D
1 Deck the school
 2 12 days of xmas
3 Please wash your crotch
 4 Christmas don’t be late (the chipmunk song)
 5 All I want for xmas is everything!
 6 Jingle bells
7 Oh,pissmas tree
8 Have a holly jolly Christmas
 9 Silent Nuge
10 Silent night
11 Mr. punk rock Grinch
12 Christmas shoes (newsound)
13 Father Christmas (the kinks)
 14 White crassmass
15 I’m all lit up like a Christmas tree
 16 Joy to the Earls
17 Here comes cocaine claus
18 No xmas for john quays (the fall)
 19 Xmas vasectomy
20 Before there was Christ in xmas

The English chap featured on some before song snippets is Mr.Hosk of Hosk’s half-hour.Oi!



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ladyanthropophagus said...

I just downloaded it, and I noticed the first song is missing. :(

Slutter said...

Finally i found it, been looking for this for so long