Thursday, December 13, 2012

NOT SO QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT the tribute Cd is available to pre-order NOW!! out very soon!!

That is correct ,all year in the making ,with 47 bands from around the world ,paying tribute on the 30th anniversary of this great compilation !! $7.00 will get one sent to your home! Only 200 made ,sure to be gone quick!! Food  and I did compiled all the songs and bands ,for this ,our 2nd release on our WHEELCHAIR FULL OF SLUGGISHA label ,the first release is a 7" e.p. with 16 bands ,all covering the same song , "2012" ,by one of Food's one-off bands, Dumb Audio Dynamite ,and there were only 200 0f those made as well! For an extra $3 ,add this almost sold out gem to your order ,for a grand total of $10.00!! Special thanks goes out to James Von Springspinnen ,for mastering the songs ,and to Dan Hartman for the absolutely beautiful art work!! Thanks also to all the individuals ,and bands involved here ,and thanks to Jello and Alternative Tentacles and Tim Yohannan(r.i.p.) and Maximum Rock N Roll. Hopefully someone will want to put this out on vinyl ,which was the original plan ,but it would have been too costly to pull off ,at least on my end ,at this time. The bottom shot is a poster Dan also put together!The disc will also contain an info sheet inside ,with all the bands contact info and other stuff.
LEAVE MESSAGES IN THE COMMENT BOX WITH YOUR EMAIL IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO OWN THIS AWESOME TRIBUTE TO ONE OF THE MOST INFLUENTIAL PUNK COMPILATIONS OF ALL TIME!! POST YOUR EMAIL (if you want to keep private ,I can always delete your comment from the blog) and I will contact you with the payment info and get your mailing address. Thanks everyone! no thanks to : bison disc ,fuck those bastards!!

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mtlhardcore said...

Ahh the wait is over,.. put me down for two copies!