Friday, March 29, 2013

W.G.O.D. 49.43 -MAY 8/9 ,1994 G O Dcast classic!

I dug out an old chestnut this week,as I've been busy recording music for upcoming releases the last couple weeks.This was a tribute to a guy i used to work with ,Steve Bourden (whom I christened ,"Steve Boredom",punk rock yeah?),who was going into the army during Desert Storm (idiot!),so i'm talking to him throughout the podcast,dedicating songs to him,and asking him questions. It was also Mother's Day ,and Jeff McDonald and I sat poolside for this live Sunday tea dance podcast of hits and more hits.Some of the stuff on here was unreleased at the time I played it,cuz I was so groundbreakingly awesome!some true classics of the genre ,here! hey!,even naked chicks dig W.G.O.D. radio G O Dcasts!! Here's the list:
GG ALLIN - die when you die (live!)
CHICKENHEAD - smash and grab
JONATHAN RICHMAN - papo de chicle
SOCKEYE - silverware sucks
THE CRAMPS - the surfin' dead
THE VENTURES - war of the satellites
THE DEAD MILKMEN - bleach boys
THE BEACH BOYS - amusement parks U.S.A.
ROLLINS BAND - ghost rider (suicide cover)
THE POGUES - the sick bed of cuchalainn
THE BLASTERS - american music
THE DICKIES - bedrock barney
BIG BLACK - il duce
DRUNKS WITH GUNS - I got the gun
FLIPPER - ha ha ha
BURDGE DRAKEWOOD ORCHESTRA - the 11th commandment
FLESH OF BARNEY - steve boredom
THE JACKIE EARLE HALEYS - you're the one
FUCK - i want to die (suckdog tribute cassette -thought balloon )
ASSEATER - little flowers dying (suckdog tribute cassette -thought balloon )
THE MOTHERFUCKERS - i fucked lou grant
THE SOMEDAY PEOPLE - perry farrell's faerie perils (thought balloon)
HERMANOS GUZANOS - cut off your arm (the poops via sockeye -thought balloon sockeye tribute cs)
AUGUST SPIES - john wayne gacy = pogo the clown
SEBASTIAN CABOT (mr. french "family affair") - like a rolling stone (bob dylan cover)
WILLIAM SHATNER (capt. james t. kirk "star trek") - mr. tambourine man (the byrds cover)
REDD KROSS - huge wonder (alt version 2500 redd kross fans can't be wrong 10")
THE DWARVES - dead brides in white (tooling for a warm teabag)
THE SUPERSUCKERS - high ya! (la mano cornuda)
ACTION SWINGERS - you only know my name
THE BIRTHDAY PARTY - the friendcatcher
X - sugarlight
VAMPIRE LEZBOS - bananna splits theme song
PAVEMENT - forklift (slay tracks 7")
THE THROWN-UPS - sloppy pud love (melacholy girl hole box 7")
45 GRAVE - wax
GEORGE LINDSEY (GOOBER) - that there's big with me (goober sings lp)
DANIEL JOHNSTON - almost got hit by a truck (yip/jump music cs)
GERMS - circle one
GG ALLIN - gypsy motherfucker
KILLDOZER - hamburger martyr
THE DICKS - i hope you get drafted
GOD IS MY CO-PILOT - you smell like sex
CAT MACHINE - welfare blubbering
TEENAGE FLESH - sleep and never wake
UNCUT - be a homo
NOISEKILLR - kill nicholas
FUCK - it's black (live at club black nerd)
ONE FELL SWOOP - pain in my dreams (live at the draft house)
THE MOSHHAWKS - for you (ever after)
INDUSTRIAL BELT B-38 - swingers need to find god
ED WOOD - red letter day (live at the draft house)
SOCKEYE - fuckin' shit
REDD KROSS - standing in front of poseur
OLD SKULL - pizza man
SUPERCHUNK - slack motherfucker
HUSKER DU - punch drunk
CIRCLE JERKS - world up my ass



Anonymous said...

I deleted all my posts, guess I am tired of posting on my blogspot (Mom always said..).
Unsure if I will start all over or what.

I have to check all my links, as some are probably dead.

By the way, no guarantees, but I think the new Mega, and 4-shared might be better than Mediafire and all the other wimps that let complaints get our files deleted.

the archive site you use now has a lot of great stuff, even found out of print albums/CDR's I used to own!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing these old shows