Thursday, March 14, 2013


An all-new split with a North/South American alliance.ASF is from Florida ,while Psychosomatic Constipation is from Brazil.ASF turns in a half-hour of one-of-a-kind sounds.Including brief interpolations of Sweet Leaf (Black Sabbath),Theme from Gilligan's Island,Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum pirate shanty's,and songs about pizza ,drum machines,guitars/bass/keys,as well as public service announcements.All laid on top of the harsh noise that ASF has become known for,with a sound all his own(p.s. the translation of the title is,"I Wish I Could Stab A Motherfucking Pig In The Face and 18 Other Big Shitcore Hits recorded 2/13/13").The 2 pieces (one short,one long) from Psychosomatic Constipation ,consist of a short weird number with blathering shitcore vocals and background sounds,and a long lo-fi excursion into the refrigerator for a drink and some silica.Check out Joao's blog at   for more of his extreme sounds.(he just did a couple of splits with Dylan's, Hell Garbage) Front cover art of 2 people I don't know,back cover by Eddie III. Listen with a pillow over your head,and knives in your ears!

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