Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A S F / Gainmas - split 110 minute cassette tape -2012

If you have one of these limited to 20 cassettes ,from 2012 ,on Lady Anthropophagus Unincorporated,consider yourself a  ,a  ,a collector of experimental noise,and ,most of all,out the 4 bucks it cost you for this.If you can sit thru this whole thing (I can ,as I am A S F ,and I own a copy of the cassette) ,you are a champion of harsh alien sounds.The A S F  track has their earlier sound (hence the track title) ,just the highest pitched screeching ,that humans can still hear,but not animals.Gainmas turns in ,possibly,the longest and harshest track of his career (Gainmas = Dylan Houser ,he also released this tape on his label),which goes practically hand in hand with the deafen-core of A S F. PLAY AT MAXIMUM VOLUME FOR FULL EFFECT!!! Or at lower volumes,it imitates white noise ,almost relaxing,thinking backround conciousness.However you take it,Take it now!    https://archive.org/download/ASFGainmas-Split110MinuteCassetteTape-2012/ASF-GainmasSplitCassette2012.zip

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