Saturday, June 9, 2018

BLOOD RED OSCARS - Satan Peabody Goes To HELL!

Available only as a hard copy cd,until now,the latest full-length (2015) from Satan Peabody,the one man in this one-man band,The Blood Red Oscars.This is really two albums in one,every other song is a hilarious original tune ,followed by a punk rock classic ,done in Blood Red Oscars stylee,natch!This has been played on the radio numerous times in Sarasota on the Lumpytunes program,check it out!Taking inspiration from,and recording within the same time frame,as the great Food Fortunata's "Sockeye",and his other fine tardcore musics,hell the band is even named after a type of fish ,too! Going strong for over 20+ years with no signs of stopping,there have been releases recorded after this,mostly split and compilation tracks,more will trickle down soon!For now enjoy this as it unleashed upon an unsuspecting public,spread it round,far and wide,please!!!

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