Monday, June 4, 2018


Yes! ,We've reached the concluding volume to this masterful online compilation series.Hans Gudengast,of  the black metal band,Tyrantyr,in Germany,put all this music together in a 20 disc set and sent it to me to post to this blog,back in 2011-12.The title of the series,(Black Metal Cult) ,is a little misleading,as all genres of black metal were explored,as well as bands that really don't fit into any "black" sub-groups.Also the series was given it's title by me,way before a record company of the same name popped into the scene,I am not affiliated with that label,and have only good things to say about them.As for as my pal ,Hans,I know there will be a seat in Valhalla awaiting him,for the work he's done here,as well as for his band,Tyrantyr, keeping the metal black!Also Hans almost made a perfect "H" band cd ,if not for that pesky Black Dawn there to mess it up!! I almost made this one sub-titled ,"Volume H"! What's with the "H" ,Hans? Heil Hitler?,Heroin?,Hamburgers? Is it for your name? (Hans) ,is it representative of where we are all going? (Helvete or Hell),or maybe it was an out-take disc from an A thru Z  set of 26 discs,each one highlighting bands of that particular letter of the alphabet? That would be a cool one to do next ,Hans!

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