Wednesday, November 14, 2018


That's right ,today celebrates 28 years that Sluggisha Tapes has been in exisistence! This blog has been on the web for 10 years.I was re-upping links since last year (after mediafire deleted all links),to archive,and almost had everything re-upped ,when terror struck! A Fats Domino song from the 50's that I had posted,was under copyright infringement,and all my links were again deleted.So ,most links here are dead ,again.I am writing the story of Sluggisha Tapes ,for a book published thru ,Auspicious Apparatus Press,by my pal Todd Barselow,should be out sometime in 2020 ,in time for our 30th anniversary!I will find a new site to store my links ,and I will get this blog back on it's feet.Also the Mediachrist blog has all links deleted as well,boooo.The 10th year of the Xmastravaganza compilation ,is in motion and the deadline is Nov.25th ,if you wanna send in a song for the comp.send to thanks and cheers!

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