Saturday, February 7, 2009


anti-religious black industrial metal techno space punk doesn't even cover all the genres this band envelopes.noisekillr and mr.497,or me and vance,were the belt,92-96,and it is hard to pick tracks for a compilation like this,simply because of all the ground covered,lots more to come from this enlightened band.closest comparisons would be ,well i was listening to an old alien sex fiend comp. one day and i had to call vance and say man we really sound like these guys more than any other band i can think of but we were so much more.mocking the priest,debasing old hymns,lampooning religion,generally commenting on life itself.only played live 2 or 3 times,one show on video which is totally improv,on the spot,and some tourists on vacation from germany said we were the best thing seen or heard in the u.s.,pretty cool credentials,huh?check out the clip below to see what i mean.these guys also worked in another parallel duo very similar to this called,flowers of darkness,a goth tinged band coming to this blog next., G O D CLICK HERE FOR LINK: 

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