Saturday, February 14, 2009

the FT.MYERS underground

this is a before sluggisha,cat machine,and me,this is the first tape joel gave me when we met,and i'm glad he did.probably the only copy of this material in the world,featuring some great bands and solo artists,some of my top ten fave songs of all time(orange claw hammer -three ring girl,and real meat-sex with liza/junkfood pothead)and a general all around good feeling.also some myopia tracks that date to the conception ,i believe.?some scene stalwarts here as nathan adams,the rizzo bros.,and steve(gag-penthouse)all make appearances.a great compilation,that always makes me smile to hear it.tony can fill you in on more history in the comments box below.thanks tony,joel and everyone in the old scene.this proves we rule. G O D.


Anonymous said...

I thought all this stuff was lost to the ages...
3-Ring Girl is fucking awesome; I remember playing the keyboard solo with my foot.
Orange Claw Hammer was the precursor to Myopia! Yes, I could answer most questions about this stuff. Real Meat was awesome, too.
I gotta get Nathan and LIZA a copy of Sex With Liza!!!

-Tony Rizzo

Anonymous said...

tony glad to be the keeper of the vault and i knew this tape would blow yr.mind,i always thought of this as the epitome of ft. myers sound and gleefully play it for anyone who listens(mostly just me)but i could never live without it and now it is preserved for future generations of artists.i got a whole crucial fiction tape with even more myopia tracks at the end!post it soon as i can! G O D