Sunday, February 8, 2009

malicious intent-poser

remember these guys?ft.myers metal scene ,80's-90's,who was in this band?i dont know where i got this ,but it was on an mdc comp. at the end of the tape,"poser" just one track,as you can see they later became the "posers"they once sang about,and took a turn for the worse by becoming tatooed love child,who my band ,SEXBOY,had to open for a few times,hell they even tried to do vocals ,back-up,on a SEXBOY demo tape,cripes!,what was i thinkin',actually it was jay ,my guitar player,who hanged with these guys,as he came to SEXBOY,thru the metal scene,god why does SEXBOY have to be mentioned in this post? G O D . 

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Anonymous said...

Weren't the Mangione Bros. (Mike and Steve) in this band??
Didn't 'Tattooed Love Handle', eventually morph into Blackfish to ride the 'grunge' bandwagon?
Poser, indeed...hahahahahaaaa

P.S. I bulletined on MySpace for all parties to get thier asses to THIS site, pronto!!
-Tony Rizzo