Friday, June 5, 2009


Sadly,a great human died,a great friend to many,a pacifist,anarchist,punk rockin' dude,who was the kindest guy you could ever meet.I can imagine him walking old ladies across the street in heaven.Yes ,Cort Sayer is missed by many and I hope all who loved him will leave a comment or a kind word or even a little anecdote about our dear friend.This post has 3 bands,2 of which Cort was a member.Now as far as I know,Cort didn't play an instrument,didn't sing,and wasn't in a it may come as a surprise to many that he did do these couple of bands in Sept. of 1996.Cort sings,plays and hangs out with the gang.The first band featured here is "BALD HEADED CHICKEN FUCKER"with me,Cort,Mike Smith,and Dug Boone,and sounds like an american Boredoms meets a chicken salad sandwich,quite tasty!Next up is "STOOL AND THE SOFTNERS"which is me ,Cort,Vance,and Dug,and is like a rocking quartet of idiots,who someone tried to record once,sounding rather 90's I might add.Last is one track from"KINDERGARDEN TERROR",named"Cort Song",and is quite prophetic,lyrically.The band is Brian Reed(vocals),Mike Smith(drums),Dug Boone(guitar),and Jim(bass),and is the kind of obnoxious punk that Cort liked.I will post that tape in it's entirety soon along with a companion band,sounding much the same but a trio,(no Jim on bass)called "PIGTALES".Cort was everyone's friend and I'm sure we will all miss him forever.Cry a tear,and leave a note for the memory of Cort,an awesome guy. G O D .art by me and my son Eric.  


Anonymous said...

R.I.P. Mr. Sayer...I'll never forget the time you, me and Shane Carwile crashed into a tree by FM High School. They said our level of inebriation is what saved us from more severe injuries, as none of us had seatbelts on.
SO: You can survive a car crash without yr seatbelt, so long as you are sufficiently drunk?!

sayonara, buddy- T.Rizzo

Anonymous said...

I don't think I'll ever fully accept this unless and until I know more than what I've read on Cort's myspace page. All the same, thanks for the effort.

Mike Smith