Friday, June 5, 2009

ABI HAII-fypo in 5 parts

since we're on the subject of dug and mike here's a duo they formed for this one-off project,"abi haii".mike was living with me at the time and once i woke up and went out to the garage to do some recording,i found this in the 4-track,quite a find too!don't be fooled by the title,there's only 4 parts,ha ha,jokers are they.kinda laid back mostly instrumental songs,which bridge the gap between the last post and the next world.if you imbibe,you will enjoy,for the curious,it's a joyride of franks and beans and jam on axe.all hail the newest instro gods,abi haii! G O D.p.s. i don't know that guy up there in the picture,do you?

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