Sunday, November 28, 2010

CAT MACHINE -Tribe Of The Moon

We now return to you the Cat Machine masters series!On this,their 8th foray into oblivion,Cat Machine was,Ed,Joel,& Tony,with special guests,Vance Burdge,and a sampler.Weird recording techniques,lo-fi and over modulation,the sampler on a seemingly retardo-bot trail of oddness.There is a track named,"Mortville",which is about the magical land in John Water's film,"Desperate Living",and features hilarious samples of Edith Massey as Queen Carlotta."Filth Makin' Filth" is here as well as the always gutbusting,"Turtleduck Tears",written about a bleach blond buzzcut,jewish ,nazi ,skinhead girl we knew.Some of the weirdest moments are in the last few tracks,"Octopus Diaper","Frankenstein Biker",and "Millenium's End",where the sampling just goes berserk on overload!Recorded 11/28/1990,in Joel's room at Cat Machine house.Cover model is Kim Falcon,who usually poses for retro-rockabilly bands,in the 50's style of cheesecake photos.In two files,get both for the full 90 minute meltdown.Really cool sound!

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Anonymous said...

awesome...can't wait to hear it! I remember this one being pretty good. Somewhere along here, we have a few tapes whereon I was on urinalysis, and couldn't partake of the 'loggeronomous', and spent that time sampling bass lines, then having a basic structure ready when you guys returned...
How about 'Settin Up With The Dead'? featuring Jerry Clower.