Wednesday, November 17, 2010

ZATH -Zillions of Angry Tea party Haters

The 4th installment from ZATH ,has arrived!! God and Food play music for each other to sing on,(thru the mail)and this is the best one yet!A swell ,dumb ,brass and woodwinds cover of Dag Nasty's ,"One To Two",songs about Kid Rock,boxer shorts,galumpki's,building bonfires with unpaid bills,Quincy,baseball,a concert report about Ludichrist ,texting with your knees,owls,space,planets,of course a few about the tea party,a great one about poop with lyrics by Regi Mentle,the old school punk from the old days of Hollywood ,was a friend of Darby,and is of Food.Spring him from the joint,been in almost 30 yrs for killing in self-defense!Great stuff here,as always.Xmas album next!

1 comment:

mtlhardcore said...

Yes "this is the best one yet".

You know your a "tard" when you bring one of these songs into studio and start playing along with it!

Keep them coming.