Friday, March 26, 2010

LIL' SHAVERS- 2 bits

this was recorded after a one fell swoop session ,with me,chipmunk,sean sommers,t.j.,and shannon.quite noisy,kinda heavy metallish,shannon does most of the singing,sounding sexy.she fakes an orgasm on here,and sean does some hilarious vocals.hard to say what this is,weird alt-punk,or acid-punk,it's out there.try to listen to this!the last track is from the aforementioned ofs session(titled,nubiles galore,i wonder why?),with joel,of course,and shannon on vox.t.j. and shannon were about 15-16 when this was recorded,and ofs were a bunch of perverted 20 somethings.from joel's room at cat machine house from 1992.

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