Friday, March 11, 2011

CAT MACHINE - Surrealistic Palillo

The cover and title,are obviously the boys,making fun of the dinosaurs of the past,and honoring cult American icons.A great set here ,including such gems as,: "Cuz's Neck" , "Just A Manager At Publix" , "Your Son's Moustache" , "Sad Comedians" , "Not Doing Anything" ,and more hits!Frank Sinatra makes an appearance on ,"Frankie" ,and Chipmonk's dad showed up for ,"Tune For Chris's Dad".Ed,Tony,Joel,Chipmonk,and Billy on 3/9/1991,at Cat Machine house,Ft.Myers,Florida.The most under-rated,underground,outsider ,cult-band in history!


El pesebre asesino said...

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Anonymous said...

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