Saturday, March 19, 2011

CAT MACHINE - Temper Tantrum Day

Some really good stuff from those underground,outsider,cult-band boys,from the brain boiling heat of Ft. Myers,Florida,on 3/19/1991.Ed,Tony,Joel,Chipmonk,and Billy,at Cat Machine house,recorded ,as usual,live into a boom box.Even more of the cryptic song titles,and lyrics they are known for,as well as some of the best alt-rock/punk music ever recorded! "Cranky In The Extreme" ,and the last track ,"The Disenchanted(I Am Relaxed!)" ,may help to decipher what the title is really all about!There is only one more live to boombox cassette left in this series(besides a few rehearsal tapes),after which everything was recorded on a four-track system,leading to better sound,and better songs!Stay tuned for the rest of this series! This is their 35th release!!!

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