Saturday, March 19, 2011

LENNY DEE - Dee-Lirious! part one

The other Lenny single I posted (Dee-Day),did so well ,I figured I'd post this one too!And,dammit,I just saw a full length at a Salvation Army a few days ago,I'll try to swing by and pick it up this week,it escapes me why I did'nt just pick it up when I saw it,as I did procure a Martin Denny LP that I did not have yet,as well as a recording of a high-school production of "L'il Abner"(and a compendium on the history of the Three Stooges!).This one has a cover of the Velvet Underground's ,"I'm Beginning To See The Light",years before they existed!Just kidding,it's a standard,as are the rest of the tunes here.The last track is particularly spooky,reminding one of the creepy organ riffs that Candace Hilligoss spins ,in the film,"Carnival Of Souls",of which there is no soundtrack album,and for no good reason!This guy used to live a few miles down the road from me,before he died.Hi-fi organ solos,with a beat!

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