Monday, May 30, 2011

CAT MACHINE - Dude! ,That's Penis! a/k/a Live At Gramps's -May 1991

A short rehearsal of 4 tunes,(each member sings one) , opening for Myopia ,on this tape,(Myopia's set is here: ),as well as live.One of the few tapes with a real drum set,as we usually resorted to drum machines,and other more primitive percussion. I don't know if I ever went into the meaning of the title, so,here goes: Ashey moved between Massachussetts and Florida a few times.Once ,upon his return,he was using the phrase ,"Dude! ,that's penis!" ,which he said meant ,"cool" ,up in MA. We just rolled about,and laughed,and used it for a tape title,which was the usual progression of a catchphrase,at least in Cat Machine's world.

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