Monday, May 30, 2011

HOMOSTUPIDS - The Whole World Is Homostupids!

For those who have not yet heard this band from the Clevo scene, pull your coat to this! A kind of cross of ,psych/garage/space/lo-fi/shitgaze/noise/tardcore , melded into a new music!
Looks like some choice cuts from almost every release,and a recent live set blended into the mix!I did the art for the cover of this,and the poster is from "HorribleFest-2011" ,which was a few weeks ago,and also featured Bake McBride (Food ,Poopy ,Scoops,and others performing Sockeye,Boy In Love,and Toughskins songs) ,and Cauliflower Ass and Bob (Food,again!),and what looks to have been a great goddamn line-up of groups,and a fun time was had by all in attendance.But back to what I was talkin about before , Homostupids are fuckin great! Support these guys and give'em your money!And definitely catch them live! Not homos!


Polka Jake said...

I played this at work all day. Very very awesome stuff.

cheesecurts said...

hey could you re up this pwease :)
it would be super awesome if ya did
thanks byeya