Monday, May 30, 2011

CAT MACHINE - Power Trio

Around this time ,in Cat Machine's history,Tony and Myopia had just finished up their string of gigs at Visions,and Tony was in the pokey for a month or two.So Ed,Joel,and Chipmonk ,carried on as usual ,this is live to boombox,with great sound! Once again,as with "New Thing" ,a few tapes back ,this is kinda the germination of the splinter band ,One Fell Swoop.New versions of ,"Peddler of Pencils" (2x) ,"Land Of Faraway" ,and "Slim Jim Blues" ,as well as a bunch of awe-inspiring experimental stuff,that will blow your doors off!There's only about a half dozen tapes left in this series! All 4-track studio stuff,(with the noticibly missing Tony,on about half of the tapes)except the last tape,which is a rehearsal for a gig that fell thru, at Serena's ,a shitty rock club in shitty Cape Coral. So stay tuned for the rest of this tape series,scattered thru the next coupla months,sporadically,posting on the original release dates,20 years to the date! This was recorded on May 28th,1991.

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