Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Dylan cranks out another disc ,this one sounding much like a melange of Syd Barrett , Kraftwerk ,Chrome ,and other experimentally minded artists. The best thing about Bloodponies ,is you never know what you're gonna get ,from tape to tape ,even track to track! It's ever-changing ,no category can be named for this stuff! Prolific ,as always ,Dylan knows the deal!

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ladyanthropophagus said...

Bloodponies LP #3. This one was mostly recorded in 2010, except for "Vegetable Princess," "Hungry the Scarecrow," "Convolving," and "Lhasa Apso," which were all recorded in the year 2009 (those fist three tunes predating the End Songs and Vegetable EPs!). I only bothered to make like less than 10 copies of this, March of last year, since at that point nobody really cared about what I was doing at the time, haha.

I've recently started to record some new stuff for Bloodponies...14 minutes of new material, so far...this one just might be LP #4! I might actually even look for a label (one that isn't mine!) to release it! Haha.

Thanks again for this great blog, with all of the great music and reviews, and of course, for your support! :D