Monday, April 2, 2012

THE BLOOD RED OSCARS / TEENAGE MUSTACHE - Mixed Marshmallow Arts Split Album Soup

A brand new split release from Seattle's Dead Ken Frilly and his one-man band Teenage Mustache ,and old-time tardcore king ,Satan Peabody and his one-man band ,The Blood Red Oscars! Teenage Mustache is funny ass stupid shit ,more tardcore than usual,with a cover of Black Sabbath. My pick hit here is ,"Vacationing On The Sun" ,but the whole thing is great! The Blood Red Oscars ,return to recording ,besides appearing on compilations for the last few years ,this is the first full-length (oh,yeah ,it's a split!) ,of new shit from Satan Peabody ,in years!!
5 songs are covers of :Beat Happening ,Motley Crue ,Bobby McFerrin ,LMFAO ,and Sockeye! Along with 8 new original songs ,including the hit ,"It's 2012 ,Punch A Mayan In The Face".
If you don't laugh while listening to this disc , you should probably check your pulse! Stay tuned for more ,from both bands! Please leave comments ,reviews ,complaints ,and nude photos ,in the comment box below ,thanks you ,punk. Oi Oi!!


Dead Ken Frilly said...

Oi! Great collaboration, GOD! I hereby award Armed With Skittles And An Arizona Tea with 2012 Song Title Of The Year.

G O D said...

Thanks you sir! I wanna go vacationing on the sun! Let me know next time you're going ,I'll meet you there! Thanks Kendall

Dead Ken Frilly said...

Have you ever been vacationing on the sun? Well I have. And it's fantastic!