Friday, April 13, 2012

ONE FELL SWOOP - Live! At The Draft House ,Downtown Ft.Myers ,Florida 2/26/1992

I found a lost live recording in the vault! This is a really good one! Our last gig ever ,at the Draft House ,Joel ,our defacto drummer ,had a broken arm ,so he was relegated to keys and also did vocals on a few numbers.Shane Carwile was beating the skins ,Chipmonk and I were on guitars ,and Billy Drake plays guitar on a number with Sean Burch on vocals! The last track is the very first time FUCK (the terror rock band with Mad Asshole-bass vox,Big Black Cock -guitar ,and Shaggy Dick -drums) ever played together ,with a totally improv number ,"You".They later recorded several sessions together,and toured Europe. But back to OFS! Different versions of all their set list ,all their usual covers ,and some improv instrumentals. New covers we never played before include ,Wire's "12XU" ,KISS "Rock N' Roll All Night" and Cat Machine "Queen Turd Of Shit Hill"!And the usual covers of The Fall ,The Flamin' Groovies ,The Beat Happening,Syd Barrett,Pink Floyd,the Stooges ,Misfits,and Black Flag. Chris's guitar never sounded better ,and with Shane on drums ,we were pretty tight! Plese leave comments ,and let me know what you think of this great recording! Thanks! Great cover shot of The Draft House (blue roof) with the shitty ZOO ,next door!

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Chipmonk said...

We sound fucking amazing