Friday, August 24, 2012

WHORESHACK - s/t debut

In light of the recent passing of Ron Palillo ,a/k/a Horshack ,I am posting the last few Whoreshack releases. This is the debut tape ,recorded live at The Bakery ,March 13,1993. Ed handles guitar and vocals,Billy on guitar,and Mike on drums.Mostly experimental instrumentals ,Whoreshack was the local version of the Ventures (if they were raised on punk rock ,and started their group in the 1990's)I've posted all the tapes ,backwards to forwards ,from the 6th release ,to this first one here.The post above this ,is actually the final recording ,of their first ever ,and last ever ,live gig ,recorded after the 6th release (The Zipper) ,and with Vance on drums ,in lieu of Mike. But more on that later. This is an amazing start ,to a short -lived band ,which never really got their due,in the time of their existence. I can't really say too much more ,except , let the music do the talking!

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