Monday, August 20, 2012


Screwdrivers with Absolut vodka were the impetus behind this 3 hour podcast extravaganza! Music is heard from the Sluggisha roster as well as Wheelchair Full Of Old Men Records and Retard Riot Re:cdrs. I also delve into the world of blogspots ,this week featuring the Remote Outposts blog ,Yip!Records blog , Mr. Poopy's blog of the worst turkeys ever ,Glorify The Turd ,and new friend, Fuck Ramone and his Electric Hedonist blogspot. And the latest youtube and soundcloud results ,as well as James (saviour of the Sluggisha blog,archivist extrordinaire,master musician ,and general all around good guy) at the You Don't Belong Here blog (arachnodirge.blogspot) ,with some classic punk tracks strewn throughout. Fuck Ramone also emailed a track in ,for exclusive use and distrubution on this episode of the W.G.O.D. podcast. Great fun was had in putting this show together,and I hope you enjoy it ,as this is the kind of thing I listen to all day long,everyday. So,without further ado ,here's the track list!

OPEAELF 69 - 50 Shades Of Stupid (semi-Paul Simon cover ,from an upcoming split on WCFOOM)
YOBEL WEENEL - Renobst (Yobel Weenel/Bloodponies split cdr ,Lady Anthropophagus Unincorporated)
BLOODPONIES - Seclusion (Yobel Weenel/Bloodponies split cdr ,Lady Anthropophagus Unincorporated)
IAN MACKAYE ADVENTURE TREASURE ISLAND BOOK - F.D.A./Marmaduke/Jaw Harp/Eleanor/Gorillas (Ian Mackaye Adventure Treasure Island Book/Human Headache split cdr,Lady Anthropophagus Unincorporated)
HUMAN HEADACHE - Dig A Hole/CaCa/My Favorite Martian/Pete Tardshend (Ian Mackaye Adventure Treasure Island Book/Human Headache split cdr,Lady Anthropophagus Unincorporated)
ELDERLY YOUTH - Elderly Youth (Forming cd ,Retard Riot Re:cdrs/Sluggisha)
OUTSTANDING CLOCKS - Root Beer Float (The Dick Panthers/Outstanding Clocks split cd WCFOOM)
THE DICK PANTHERS - Us Fish Must Swim Together (The Dick Panthers/Outstanding Clocks split cd WCFOOM)
CHEAP VENTILATORS - Skeletons Keep Jumping (,2009 demo Bloomington IN ,Remote Outposts blog)
GIANT BAGS OF WEED - One (2001 demo Bloomington IN ,Remote Outposts blog)
REPLICA - You Can't Stop The Weather (2011 demo ,Bay Area CA ,Remote Outposts blog)
COPYCATS - Out Of Hand (2011 demo Granada,Spain ,Remote Outposts blog)
SOCIAL CIRCKLE - Paralyzed Over You (2006 demo ,Boston,MA ,Remote Outposts blog)
TENEMENT - Sitcom Moms / Glue (SSD cover)(2009 demo WI ,Remote Outposts blog)
THE MUTANTS - Boss Man (Boss Man/Backyard Boys 7" ,Glorify The Turd blog)
SPOOKS - Scum Of The Earth (1980-1990 e.p.7" 1978 ,Glorify The Turd blog)
DISCORDS - Kill The Rich (1982 e.p. ,Glorify The Turd blog)
VICTIMZ OF SOCIETY - Shallow Minds (Wicked Rock Music Is Killing Our Children,1986 ,Glorify The Turd blog)
NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH - Corporate Cola (Feeding The Hand That Bites 12" E.P.1987 ,Glorify The Turd blog)
U-BOATS - Town Whore (Street Tough LP 1984,Tampa FL ,Glorify The Turd blog)
DRUNKS WITH SWORDS - Kill Me (Torn Hymens And Smashed Assholes!!!cdr ,Arachnodirge blogspot)
TOPPED WITH OUR OWN FLAVORFUL MEAT SAUCE - A Piece Of Bologna On Drugs/I Like To Watch The Munsters On TV (s/t cd Arachnodirge blogspot)
BAD BRAINS - Pay To Cum (Bad Brains 1st s/t LP)
HEP-Z - Sex With Satan (Piledriver cover,Hep-Z Sings The Great American Songbook cd ,100 percent Zero Records)
AGENT ORANGE - Breakdown (Bitchin' Summer 12" Posh Boy Records)
ELEPHANTINNITUS - Snuffleupagus (Elephants Are G(r)ay e.p. ,MTL Hardcore)
GOD'S FAVORITE BAND - Rare Dickweed (The 666 Point System To Destroy The Egg cd)
HORRORDACTYL - The Dream Recorder (from the archives)
SKREWDRIVER - 9 Till 5 (All Skrewed Up LP)
ICE CREAM SANDWICH SHIT HEAD - I Hate Newspapers (37 Dicks compilation ,Yip!Records blog)
THE OPPRESSED - Hurry Up Harry (Sham 69 cover ,16 Down Your Neck Lagertop Lullabies comp)
THE GRATEFUL DEAD KENNEDYS - Al Gore Gets Me High (Retard Riot Re:cdrs/WCFOOM)
THE DICKS - Dicks Hate The Police (Dicks Hate The Police 7")
THE BITCH CRICKETS - Green Grape Grandma (The Bitch Crickets/Sha Ma Mo split cdr)
THE 3 CRAPELLEROS - Moon Pants (3 Beans In A Tin Bowl cdr Sluggisha)
SLUGGO - What Happens Next? (Discography 1983-1985)
UPSIDEDOWN CROSS - The Vampire In The Mirror (Upsidedown Cross/Sloth split)
SLOTH - At The Wake (Upsidedown Cross/Sloth split)
THE CAFFEINE SHAKES - Fuck (Meet The Caffeine Shakes cd Electric Hedonist blog)
DOCTOR DATE RAPE - Food Fight (The Dissolute Doctor Date Rape cd ,Electric Hedonist blog)
SMULE HERD - Ocarina Of Jive (edit , split with Doctor Date Rape)
S & M HUNTER - There Is No Afterlife ,pt.1 (edit ,from the 51 minute symphony,Electric Hedonist blog)
ROLLING AND GROWLING - Coming Back From Somewhere (edit ,split w/S&M Hunter ,Electric Hedonist blog)
YID - Fuckin'Pigs ,Oi! (s/t cd Sluggisha)
BONELESS - Police Brutality (12 song demo 2008)
SOCKEYE - All My Friends Have Feet (Return Of The Nacho Ostomy Bags cdr WCFOOM)
MEATMEN - Middle-Aged Youth (Stud Powercock : The Touch And Go Years comp cd)
TEENAGE FLESH - Hatecake Daddy (s/t cdr Sluggisha)
BLOOD & FRICTION - Are You Worried By Your Dreams? (s/t e.p. Sluggisha)
THE LETTUCE VULTURES - Legends Of The Grocery Store/I Remember When I Had Muscles (Bionic Level Of Disgust For Humanity cd WCFOOM)
XASTHUR - Society Wants To Die (Nightmares At Dawn cd 2012)
MOTHERFUCKERS - Dumpster Divin' (We're Fucked cassette 1994 WI)
THE FUN SLUTS - You Need To Eat! / So He Can Get Blown (s/t cd Sluggisha)
THEE NEVER WILL BE'S - Basement Walls (The What Fours cover ,s/t cd Sluggisha)
CHACHI ON ACID - I Don't Wanna Be Learned,I Don't Wanna Be Tamed / Loudmouth (Ramones covers,outtakes from "A Group Of Fans Will Follow Your Philosophy" LP out now! Basement Handjob Records)
STRAWBERRY SHORTCOCK  - I Was A Teenage Court Jester (s/t cdr ,Sluggisha)
S & M HUNTER - I'm A Bitch,I'm A Sleazy Whore (only available on this podcast ,exclusive track!)
THE EAT - Communist Radio (Communist Radio/Catholic Love 7")
THE HIPPIE CRACK - Holy Shit! It's Flipper! (The Hippie Crack Makes Real Smart Music To Go Anywhere cdr ,Sluggisha)
NOISEKILLR - Shitweasel (Noisekillr 3 ,Sluggisha)
THE REAL F.Q. - History Being Made By You (s/t cdr Sluggisha)
F.T.R.A. - Killing A Bum To Get An Erection (s/t cdr Sluggisha)
CRAPOLA - Dick Pierce (s/t cdr Sluggisha)
STIMPY - Enuff For A Shower Curtain (s/t cdr Sluggisha)
CONNOISSEURS OF CHAOS - Wolverines (Modern Nyquil Anthology C.O.C. ,Sluggisha)
AUGUST SPIES - Punk Car (August Spies Sings The Anarchist Songbook cdr Sluggisha)
ASSEATER - Witch Judge (Hurling Souls Thru Hell cdr Sluggisha)

The first 3 hour podcast since back in the 90's!!!!


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kaagootaabaa said...

best one yet in my opinion! what about some industrial belt-b38 or make it stop next time? PRAISE G O D AND HAIL SLUGGISHA!!!