Friday, August 24, 2012

W.G.O.D. 49.25 - 01/01/1994 PODCAST!!

I have a lot of shit going on right now ,so I leave you this weekend ,with a classic W.G.O.D. podcast from the 90's. Playing music that was current at the time ,as well as some classics ,and a small locals set.This is prior to having my liners and drops and studio identification ,as recorded by my pal ,Doug Shannon ,oldies dj extrordinaire. Clocking in at a scant 90 minutes (which is usually par for any W.G.O.D. podcast) ,but packing a mean punch ,this is the kind of music that dreams are made of. Let me just give you the track list ,so you can see what I mean ,and what you'll hear on this episode.

HAWKWIND - Master Of The Universe (In The Beginning ,live bootleg cd)
ALICE COOPER - Levity Ball (Live At The Whiskey 1969)
FEAR - Let's Have A War (Live For The Record)
MDC - Corporate Death Burger (Millions Of Dead Cops)
EMBRACE - The End Of The Year (Embrace s/t debut)
D.I. - Little Land (Horse Bites,Dog Cries)
UNSANE - HLL (s/t debut)
X - Riding With Mary (Under The Big Black Sun)
SECRET SYDE - I See Through Your Mind (Hidden Secrets)
EATER - Room For One (Eater:The Album)
PAVEMENT - Maybe,Maybe (Slay Tracks 1933-1969)
SWEET - No You Don't (Live At The Marquee bootleg)
DAG NASTY - Justification (Can I Say)
JEFF DAHL/POISON IDEA - Flamethrower Love (Dead Boy - A Tribute To Stiv)
AUGUST SPIES - Punk Car (early demo)
MALICIOUS INTENT - Poser (early demo)
CAT MACHINE - Chisel Face Polio Nun (Keep Out Period)
ONE FELL SWOOP - Next Left (No Dope Breaks)
TEENAGE FLESH - Hatecake Daddy (s/t debut)
SUPERSUCKERS - Alone And Stinking (The Smoke Of Hell)
ADOLESCENTS - Riot On The Beach (Balboa Fun Zone)
HUSKER DU - Bricklayer/Afraid Of Being Wrong (Everything Falls Apart and More)
REDD KROSS - Crazy World (Phaseshifter)
THE UNIQUES - You Ain't Tuff (Pebbles vol.12 ,Punk part 3)
DWARVES - Underworld (Sugarfix)
BEASTIE BOYS - Beastie Boys (Pollywog Stew)
RUNAWAYS - Born To Be Bad (Queens Of Noise)
MADBALL - Smell The Bacon/What's With You (Ball Of Destruction)


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