Saturday, November 17, 2012


November 14th is/was the Sluggisha blogspot's 4th birthday/anniversary! On the internet ,that is ,as Sluggisha Tapes ,existed  late 80's til the mid 90's as a mail order cassette label!
This special edition of W.G.O.D. radio ,is a podcast dedicated to Sluggisha ,and all who follow him.Thanks to all the fans and friends,and bands for keeping me going.Special thanks goes to the saviour of the blog (after a nasty mediafire fight) Mr. JVSS!! Hope you enjoy all the new stuff on this G O Dcast ,a few folks sent in specially made tracks ,just for this show! Here's the list ,and Oi! your faces off!!

THE GRATEFUL DEAD KENNEDYS - Circumcize Me! (unreleased track!)
DOCTOR DATE RAPE - Buy Sluggisha Records ,Or G O D Will Rape And Kill You!(exclusive to this show!!)
HELL GARBAGE -Chex Mix (For Satan) (Exclusive to this show!!)
PUNCH PEOPLE - Riot Party (I think this is exclusie to this show? ask Noah!)
KAAGOOTAABAA - Sluggisha Saved My Life (Exclusive to this show!)
SUPERFLOATER - Don't Conform (5th Column cover ,rough mix  for the upcoming "Not So Quiet On The Western Front" tribute compilation)
PIXEL SHIT - Jizzing Nerds Play Retro Games (Electric Hedonist blog)
*New (as of yet) Un-named Band with an (as Of yet) untitled song* (Electric Hedonist blog)
ASF - New Age Vocalist Of The Decade (A Past Winner cdr Electric Hedonist blogspot)
GG'S KIDS - Dope Money (GG Allin) (Honor Thy Father 7" Bitter Boy records)
BOY IN LOVE - I Gotta Bible (It's A Boy) (The Peehole Sessions 7" BIL BOX Wheelchair Full Of Old Men Records)
WE LUV POT - Getting Old Sucks (split 7" with Sloth ,Sludgesicle Records)
SLOTH - For Chris Gilles Untitled 2 (split 7" with We Luv Pot ,Sludgesicle Records)
MINCH - All Washed Up (So Throw In The Towels) (Split 7" with Breathilizor WCFOOM)
FOSSIL FUEL - Things I Don't Like (Knife Rock 7" Cubicle Records)
BREATHILIZOR - Pac Man Of Fevor (split 7" with Minch)
ASS - Extraneous Angler (split 7" with Doktor Bitch -100% Zero Records)
DOKTOR BITCH - Self Vasectomy As Performed By A Ninja (split 7" with Ass -100% Zero)
DISGRUNTLED BOY WONDER -  Shed No Tears (Flipper cover from split cdr with Bloodponies - Yip! Records blog)
IVAN THE TOLERABLE - Leave With The Lighter -( split cassette with Kaleidoscope Death - Uuhngreh Schpuggenuh blog Ack Ack Ack records)
KALEIDOSCOPE DEATH - Kicking Trash ( split cassette with Ivan The Tolerable - Uuhngreh Schpuggenuh blog Ack Ack Ack records)
PERISCOPE BREATH - Wig Of Pubes (Turdle Head Blues cassette -Uuhngreh Schpuggenuh blog Ack Ack Ack records)
S & M HUNTER - Holocaust (M.A.D. cover -outtake from the upcoming "Not So Quiet On The Western Front" tribute compilation)
FUCK RAMONE & THE REPRESSED URGES - Oh Indie Pop,Up Yours! (Electric Hedonist)
SNETSPAZ - Monte Paten Funk (from an upcoming compilation on Lady Anthropophagus Unincorporated)
BLOODPONIES - Bocephus (Golbez cdr - Lady Anthropophagus Unicorporated)
SKINDUST - Ronald Reggin (Yip! Records blog)
KAWAI NOIZU - Fuck For Camera (Yip! Records blog)
PORNS - Pain Dungeon (Yip! Records blog)
YOBEL WEENEL - Carrttoon (Deto Soc Umy Oty cdr Sluggisha blog)
STRAWBERRY SHORTCOCK - Bottom Of The River,Bottom Of A Bottle (Sluggisha/Yip! Records blog)
ZATH - We're Listening To Black Flag Songs (Zardoz Agnostic Termination Horde cdr Sluggisha blog)
ZATH - Pushead's A Wanker (My Dog Popper cover -Zardoz Agnostic Termination Horde cdr Sluggisha blog)


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