Sunday, September 15, 2013


In their only LP ,Massachussetts August Spies ,re-records a lot of earlier numbers and lays down some new anarchist punk songs.With covers of GG Allin and The Avengers, and Ashey on vox and guitar,this band is a punk force to be reckoned with.Veterans of the punk scene,they have opened for more big-name punk bands than you can count on your fingers(and toes!)Some of their finest moments are caught on this release,tho' some of these did have more punk furor on the original demo tapes.Ashey's mom was the cover model,and was apparently the coolest punk mom on the scene!This is the sound of anarchy! If you claim to be a true punk ,and you have not yet heard August Spies,I don't know how you can make that claim! Ashey is punk's "everyman" ,and his lyrics defend that notion. A required listen!

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winston95 said...

Good post man - I'd never heard of these guys before but really dug the LP. Cheers.