Sunday, September 15, 2013


With Chris "Ashey" MacDonald on guitar and vocals ,this MA based band ,once again brings the true anarcho-punk sound to the fore ,and with a cover of the UK sounding California band The Weasels song ,"I'm The Commander" dug up from the early days of punk rock (and a band name drawn from Suicidal Tendencies classic ,"Institutionalized") ,it's a treasure trove of classic sounding songs."Move Your Car " ,starts off with the lyric ,"It's a shitbox ,it's in the parking lot" ,a situation that we as punks ,have probably all been thru,or known friends that have dealt with ,and the lead-off track ,"Boston Stranger",tells it all about their scene.10 tracks of absolute punk,the likes of which we have come to expect (and respect) from the Massachussetts contingent!


Jessy Drastic said...

this band sucks!


Jessy Drastic said...

wow, really cool of you to post this. Thanks!

Jessy Drastic said...

nice. really cool of you to post this. thanks!