Sunday, September 15, 2013

AUGUST SPIES/13 TONS OF NAPALM - We Can't Do Anything By Ourselves split 7" single

Each band tackles 4 tunes ,The only new song from August Spies is "Poser" ,while they record new takes on 3 of their earlier hits.13 Tons ,on the other hand,blast out their side with newer anarcho/crust punk ditties,that you can drink along to.This is a great single to own.Try and find one on the web! August Spies side recorded at 31 Seattle St. 1997.13 Tons Of Napalm side dedicated to the memory of Darby Crash 1958-1980 recorded on the sixteenth anniversary of his death on 12-7-96. Rodent Popsicle Records 12th release!

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