Thursday, September 23, 2010

PART-TIME CRIPPLE-backyard guitar

A recent find,this old black man,who plays a punk -style blues acoustic guitar,from West Memphis.Found this tape abandoned in an airport locker.His real name is ,"Blind "Stanky" Frankie","(the Toothless Wonder)". He does have one tooth in his head ,tho.So,he does a Ramones cover,a Crumbs cover,and three originals about,Wal-mart,Steve Mcqueen,and,horoscopes of people at work that suck.There is some more tape,but I have to repair it.Lots more good stuff to come.True outsider music.


c.bren said...

"yeah, and i have a bridge in brooklyn i'm looking to sell"

Anonymous said...

Thanks dude; what a great blog. -- Murf