Wednesday, September 15, 2010

REDD KROSS-there's a mrs. kravitz in the pit!-the neurotica demos

Paying tribute to yet another cultural icon in the title,the first track here,"Glad To Be Gladys",is an unreleased rarity.Also has early rawer versions of,"Janis,Jeanie,And George Harrison",and one of my faves,"(Ghandi Is Dead,And I'm The)Cartoon Man".There is also a thankfully truncated(47 seconds) version of the stinker,"Love Is You".It all ends with the hippie dream-like,"Beautiful Bye-Byes",although all these are given earlier titlings.On Swordfish Mailorder out of the U.K.

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Christopher J. said...

I will completely disagree about Love is You & still thank you profusely for this gem!