Wednesday, September 15, 2010

REDD KROSS-smith family #1-flexidisc

This ,i believe,is from the third eye sessions,and was in a 90's magazine ,called Reflex.Not a bad tune,the lyrics are a bit cheesy ,at points.Good unheard tune from the mcdonald bros.


K. Telle said...

HI. Thanks for showing RK love. If it's just the one song I have it, but the d/l didn't work for me??

K. Telle said...

Okay - I must just be technically challenged? None will unzip - I d/l but it won't covert unzip/ to mp3. Help a sistah out?

Hellen Santos said...

cant repost this song on mediafire, cause this link was unavailable.


Hellen Santos said...

would you repost this song on mediafire? this link for download was unavailable.

thanks, Hellen.