Saturday, April 18, 2009

BREATHILIZOR-fallen corn messengers of winter doom six:return to bobler's index

get ready to pay the ultimate price,get ready cuz you know it ain't gonna be nice,breathilizor is here,and we're out for blood,we'll make your cow forget how to chew it's cud,we're a nuclear holocaust with electric guitars,we're a rock armageddon and we come from mars,i got a big big big big big big bullet belt,it's the biggest you've ever seen,it will make you melt.just a few lines of their song "metal of breathilizor"should fill you in on what this is fave new metal band,these guys rock like bozo the clown fronting mercyful fate.i can't think of another band this great at the current time,besides maybe daughtry or panic at the disco,ha ha,wesley willis and daniel johnston would be proud.if they were metal bands.i likee,play much a lot,listen this loud at work.poop on a tool box,barf upon the papal throne.tardmetal to the max!


nipples arcola said...

beautiful...have the lp, but thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

Hey man I'm sure you're busy, but I've been dying to hear on of these Breathilizor albums. Could you re-up 1, or a couple?

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