Saturday, April 18, 2009

SOCKEYE-obscure rare limited unreleased underground subversive minotaur tits a.k.a. return of the nacho ostomy bags

here is the holiest of grails,the tardcore pinnacle,the one everyone wants,billy squier,i mean if you never heard tardcore,this is the best,many many songs unheard ,lots o' folks would give their nutsack for this gem.hard to find cuz rareness is is one of the greatest living american born composers of the past two centuries.if you like classical music as performed by a seal orchestra then this is right up your alley.led zeppelin is not on here but covers of rush,inxs,butthole surfers,happy flowers,crass ,black flag,fang,and sockeye's own twisted tunes not sister.don't be discouraged,sign up today,thousands of somalians are dying so you can download this harder,millions on welfare depend on you!

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Zach said...

Cool to see this here. I helped release this. If anyone wants an actual copy (with great liner notes written by Poopy), email me and I will sell you one for the price of postage. Keep up the great posts man. Tardcore forever!!!