Sunday, April 26, 2009


"look,some teenage flesh",utters marty nation ,in the car with lydia lunch,referring to lung leg frantically signaling to them on the side of the road,in richard kern's movie,"fingered".so that's where the name came from.the music,recorded in 3 seperate sessions over a year and a half,is the product of listening to lydia lunch,hanatarash,the boredoms,black metal,punk rock,henry rollins,jap-core,noise and industrial,suckdog,and other similar influences.some off-shoot bands,recorded in the interim,and sounding much like this(and already posted elsewhere on this blog)are the mummyboys and opie ,who share a 5 song split.there is a remake of a cat machine song written by chipmunk,a cover of the profesionals,a cover of the jefferson's theme,and some hip-hop old school scratching.themes of loneliness,depression,and hate of all ,are very apparent.just great noisy-depresso of my favorite solo outings.G O D . 

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