Monday, April 6, 2009


this is a little comp. i put together,due to the lack of CRUMBS stuff on the web,really hard to find.some of this came from various early comps.,hot curly weenie,we're addicted to dayquil,a slice of lemon,and nuclear winter.stuff from the 1957 sessions in addition to,all tangled up 10",and i fell in love with an alien girl 7".lots of cover art ,lyric sheets,pics and posters in zip of my favorite bands of all time,rising from the ashes of another of my faves,chickenhead(get their 7" elsewhere on this blog,awesome)i hope these guys ain't mad at me ,i love 'em,and want to share them with the world.sexboy almost played with the crumbs a few times,but sadly,both deals fell rocks,the cameo theatre rules,and the crumbs are the shit.includes their early era stab at the eat's"communist radio".simply exquisite.G O D


Anonymous said...

The Crumms! The crumps are great, really! !! I've have all there songs. they even make my dog hurt, there so good/

sometimes love don't feel like it should

Anonymous said...

The Crumbs are great ! But Chickenhead that's the real SHIT ! I never had the 7" but always looked for it . Thanks !

Jose Blue Jeans said...

oh my god! can i can get the whole 1957 demo somewhere? please?