Sunday, April 5, 2009

PUTRID TEETH-self titled debut

This is the tape that started the whole "turdcore" scene,which got it's start in the"tardcore"genre.mostly N.Y.Poop and Pooperman,then Poopdeck Pappy joined in.81 tracks of pure filth,driven by an axis of GG Allin,Sockeye,and the Mentors.the original track that spawned the band is here from live in WGOD studios,"Poopshoe"the song we've done on every tape,and was covered by "Buzz Workshop".this tape also spawned like-minded bands in MD. just from kids ordering the tape.mainly Chris Haraway and his band"Adolf Olliver Nipple"which will be featured as the next post.these kids kinda borrowed our whole sound(even down to N.Y.Poop's vocal stylings) to start their tardcore band.Putrid Teeth shared something in common with "The Eat" in that we had band members in NY and FL,but the sound is totally different.juvenile stuff that high school and frat boys would cum over,this is the beginning of a new world. art by Steve Reed.......G O D 

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I sure don't remember these guys a little.