Friday, September 23, 2011

GOD'S FAVORITE BAND - 666 Point System To Destroy The Egg - Best Of GFB

Yes ,before everyone starts inquiring , this is one of my favorite bands. Sounding as if they (they being: Ogre Snot Gurgle , Jesus Phreak , Fried Chickum and several guests) were raised on a strict diet of Sockeye and other Wheelchair bands ,booze and drugs ,and fried food ,this is a masterpiece! There are even a few tracks on here from their split with Sockeye! Totally tardcore ,with weird vocals strewn about ,and change-ups on the musical styles occur frequently. One of the best things you may ever get the chance to hear! Be glad you were born with ears , unless you were'nt. And it's music like this that makes me feel sorry for those born deaf. Man, I need more of this!!

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kaagootaabaa said...

fuckin beautiful! Thanks G O D!