Thursday, September 15, 2011

LOPPYBOGYMI - Unreleased Studio

From what I can gather ,this band was started in 1988 by Gregory Slay , James Orr ,and Tim Ramenofsky ,in Mobile ,Alabama ,but eventually settled in Nashville ,Tennessee. They play a jazz/metal/funk/hip-hop amalgamation ,which is quite trippy , at times. This disc (and the one posted above this) , were found while thrifting ,and there is no info about either of these on the web! Gregory Slay left the band in 1994 (about a year after Loppy's (as they are sometimes referred to) first album was released) , to form the band Remy Zero , who wrote the theme song to the TV show ,Smallville , "Save Me" ,and toured with Radiohead. Slay also earned an Emmy nomination for outstanding main title theme music in 2004 , for his composition of the Nip/Tuck theme song.He also played in the bands Sleepwell , Horsethief Beats ,and O+S ,as well as working with other artists. He died Jan 1 ,2010 ,at age 40,following a lifetime battle with cystic fibrosis. This stuff is great!!

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Anonymous said...

could you please upload your loppybogymi again. have been looking for these for years. used to see the all the time in my younger years in mobile alabama. thank you very much.