Monday, September 26, 2011

ONE FELL SWOOP - Swoopin' Time !

It was 20 years ago on this day ,that Ed , Joel ,& Chipmonk recorded this tape , 9/26/1991 ,at Cat Machine house. There is a cover of "Black Betty" ,mixed into the 3 part finale ,"Swoop And Ska". Also a true story about a "Bogus Bomb" ,that was placed on the Cape Coral bridge ,at the time. And of course ,more of their trademark indie/diy/college rock sound ,that they were known for. Some down-east dialogue slips into the first track ,"Tie The Dog Loose,Jake" ,and the tune "Body Distortion" ,has some cool intercut samples during the playing of the song!
9 tracks ,in slightly over an hour, that slide down easy ,like that first cuppa java in the a.m.These guys were, and still are, cool beyond compare!

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